The Enrichment Project
The Enrichment Project

Join an Enrichment Circle

Inspire creative transformation

Take a 14-month creative journey

Accept an invitation from your creative muse to experience the flow of your creative process, practice enriching patterns, and weave transformation throughout your life. 

With thought-provoking prompts, monthly council shares, and exclusive content, the Enrichment Project creates the perfect container for those who crave: 

  • Inspiration and introspection
  • A diverse and inclusive community that values authentic perspectives
  • Safe spaces to question and crown your own sovereignty
  • Confidence to claim even everyday acts as creative 
  • A catalyst to develop and practice radical creative rituals
  • Supportive accountability in achieving your personal goals

The Enrichment Project began when I asked to pester a group about their creative processes for a year. Those discussions have raged for over a decade now as members have applied these lessons to: 

  • Enhance relationships
  • Launch their own businesses
  • Create boundaries and containers around what they most value
  • Redefine old narratives
  • Heal trauma
  • Practice resilient patterns
  • Find joy

Untangling the threads of our creative processes felt like entering a maze. We were completely unprepared for the impact this would have (is still having) on our lives. But we're living for those moments when the maze becomes the labyrinth--with only one way in and one way out--and all our chaos resolves, even briefly, into clarity.

Transforming the maze into the labyrinth can be messy, difficult work. It helps to have a support circle to see the larger pattern. 

The Enrichment Project is on hiatus before we kick off a new cycle. But we can still connect through council shares or a reading!

Practice radical rituals

A radical ritual is a pattern that can be practiced to enhance creativity, joy, and gratitude. It can be as significant as a rite of passage like a marriage or as mundane as a creative reminder to brush your teeth. 

Radical rituals begin with a desire for change and cycle through to the integration of new insights and ways of being. The Enrichment Project delivers tested rituals for you to try and prompts to design your own.

Create portable touchstones

Radical rituals are grouped into seven touchstones--desire, presence, balance, circle, compassion, spirit, and integration--that help make them more portable, easier to remember and use, even when the going gets tough. The whole purpose is to create resilient and creative patterns that help you get the most joy from living.

Learn more

Christy Smith will be joined by original members of The Enrichment Project to facilitate your transformation.


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